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Ghost Stories Review

Now this movie was really intriguing, weird, and the ending was a bit naff, but intriguing nonetheless. Made even more interesting when you consider it was a book and a play, once those influences are in your mind you can definitely tell why this movie was made in such a way.


In Ghost Stories we follow Phil a man who likes to debunk psychics and healers. He is approached by one of his idols who asks him to debunk three cases he could never solve. These cases include a man who is haunted by the ghost of a young girl, a young man who was harassed in the middle of the night in his car by a demon, and finally another man whose wife attacks him as a demon after she dies during childbirth.

But this isn’t the whole story. Phil is able to debunk these pretty quickly but it is soon revealed all is not as it seems. Phil is taken back to his teenage years where he sees two bullies harass a young boy with learning difficulties. They have him go into a dark, tight tunnel where inside he has a fit and dies. Phil was there witnessing this horror as a child and did nothing and it still haunts him to this day.

It is then revealed in the end that Phil is actually in a coma in a hospital and these stories are recurring nightmares. They are actually based around his doctor and people who work in the hospital. It was a simple yet underwhelming ending that tied everything up in a neat bow but also made sense seeing where the story originated from.


All in all I really enjoyed this movie. The cast were great, the story that was explained to us through the movie was very intriguing and the scares were honestly, very jumpy, but also very scary. It was a simple tale that played on fears that everyday people have in their lives. Being trapped in small spaces, alone in an open space at night, and even the fear of responsibility are all things that everyone watching can connect with.

I believe once you know the ending it may be fascinating to go back and rewatch the film, see if there are any moments you may have missed the first time round or may have seemed confusing. All I can say is I highly recommend it.

What do you think of Ghost Stories?

Until next time.

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