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When They See Us Review

This may be one of the hardest hitting mini series’ to come from 2019. It’s thought-provoking, heartbreaking, and worst of all, still relevant 30 years later.


When They See Us follows the Central Park 5, 5 young black lads aged between 14 and 16 who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. They were accused of raping and leaving for dead a young blonde female jogger in 1989 and, even though there was no evidence and none of their stories added up, they were sent to jail. Only in the early 2000s were the five finally exonerated for their case and given $41 million as compensation, but all that money won’t bring their lost time back.

Watching this show it is horrific to see how the cops treat these young men and how the attorneys are happy to change story lines to fit their agenda. To think, these are the people we should feel safe to go to and should help us makes me feel sick. These were young teenagers who knew nothing of the dark world around us and were given false promises so it was easier to convict them of the crime. Only was it by somewhat sheer luck that the real rapist came forward and confessed were these men finally able to be free.

And that’s another thing. Because they convicted the wrong person, the real rapist, was able to go out and rape again, and in fact murder a woman too. To think all these people’s lives could have been saved or not affected in such a horrible way is awful. All because the law wanted to fit their agenda.

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And my final thought on this is what good old Trump said. How he wanted to bring in the death penalty to kill these innocent children. If that would’ve happened 5 young men would not be here today and their families would still be feeling the effects of losing a loved one. I think it’s disgusting how quick he was to judge and make his opinion heard. When you think people can’t get any worse eh?

If you haven’t heard of the Central Park 5 I seriously urge you to watch this series. Of course it is hard to watch but so important and still so true to the present day. At least justice was finally served, just a shame so many people’s lives had to be effected.

What do you think of the show?

Until next time.

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  1. Not mentioned in the show was that the term “wilding” was made up by the DA’s office to incite the public. I had lived around and spent considerable time in NYC just prior to this. Harlem was not as scary as the news would have you think then, many of my friends lived there. Further if the park was so dangerous because of wilding then why was she running there night after night alone? Neither her BF, co-workers or friends thought anything of her running alone at night in the park. At the time Trump was an insignificant and broke developer desperate to gain acceptance with NYC’s elites. The NY Post was the main paper inflaming the horror of it all. Owned by Rupert Murdoch.


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