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Daniel Sloss: Dark Review

Daniel Sloss is a fabulous comedian. I remember watching him for the first time on Russell Howard’s Good News so when I saw his comedy show on Netflix I knew I had to watch it. Now his jokes range from quite, to very, dark but he makes them comfortable and I think that’s one thing other comedians don’t do.


In this routine he talks about his family, he talks about his little sister who has cerebral palsy and how he said it was ok to laugh when he made meaner jokes about her. Because it’s his sister and he questioned who we were being offended for.

It was interesting, it made you question what was right and wrong to laugh at and enjoy. Daniel is clearly a very bright man, if a bit egotistical, and weaving that knowledge of the world around him into his routine is a very interesting add on. While others will tell jokes for shock value Daniel does it differently, of course there’s shock there but there’s also an understanding between audience and comedian that in this space to laugh at these things is ok.


This show may not be for everyone, as I said his humour does get dark at times, but if you’re one to find some sort of new comedy that still airs on the side of tradition then this is a great show. Not only is it offensive and out there it also feels safe and nonjudgmental. It’s a weird mix but one I welcome and enjoy.

If you’re looking for a different British comedian to watch that isn’t as well known but still has great humour I definitely recommend Daniel Sloss.

Until next time.

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