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Final Destination 3 Review

Ah yes, the one with the Demi Lovato look-alike. I believe this movie is the reason I’m terrified of roller coasters when before I was fine.


The premonition of this tale is a roller coaster that goes off the rails and kills a bunch of teenagers (once again). Only this time, thanks to the photos look-alike Demi, character name Wendy, took for the yearbook, they give some indication of how the victims will die and with this are able to try and stop it (spoiler: they fail miserably).

But in the end it turns out that, while many moons have passed since the incident, death is happy to wait. Wendy, her friend Ian, and her sister Julie all coincidentally take the same train together which then derails much like the roller coaster and the three die. This time death gives them no escape. And I really liked this twist, it plays on the whole happily ever after narrative which gives a false sense of security. All is fine and dandy until it’s not. And once again, as we have two premonitions in this movie and the train crash is definitely incredibly bloody and did terrify me for a while – thankfully there are no subway trains near where I live.


I do recommend this film as it does have some fantastic death scenes and is still quite terrifying. This definitely bumps up the jump scares to keep you on your toes but doesn’t overdo it too much to annoy you.

What do you think of Final Destination 3?

Until next time.


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