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American Pie Presents: Beta House Review

Much like American Pie 2 this movie felt like filler. There wasn’t much point to it, but, unlike American Pie 2, it was very fun and enjoyable.


This movie reminds me a lot of The Book of Love because they were both there to continue the franchise but with no real ending to it and nothing really changed. They fixed the book of love, great. They get to keep their house, great.

Beta House follows two Stiflers, Eric, the quiet and sweet Stifler and Dwight, the over the top, ladies man. Eric and his buddies want to join the Beta House but have to get through the initiation first, which they do with flying colours, and which we don’t get to see much of. Like Book of Love a lot of the story was glossed over quickly in a montage way and it was a shame as these moments could’ve been the funniest.

But then we get to the main point of the movie where the geeks challenge the betas to a greek tournament and whoever wins gets the appoinents house. This was fun and involved a lot of weird tasks that really are very laddish and are very gross.


There was also a non-moment with a returning character, Rock, who informs Dwight of a dark secret about one of the geeks. A dark secret that really came to nothing and I felt could’ve been played up more.

Overall, this movie is still a fun watch but really is just there for filler. It’s one you could easily pop on when your friends are around with some food but there are better movies to watch alone…unless you just want a cheap laugh.

What do you think of Beta House?

Until next time.

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