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Final Destination 5 Review

For how long the Final Destination franchise ran for and how convoluted it got this film actually wasn’t that bad. And the twist at the end really made it stand out from the rest.


This Final Destination falls around a group of colleagues who go on a team building trip together but this trip is cut short when the bridge they’re on collapses and a bunch die in horrific ways including falling from the bridge into the river below, having their skin burnt off with hot oil, and being impaled on steel rods.

But of course this is all a premonition and some of the group survive only to be picked off one by one. But they learn that if they take another person’s life this will replace their own and any time that person had left on this world is now yours. Which is great, unless the person you kill is supposed to die in a few days.

But the most exciting part of this movie is the ending where it turns out this film is actually a prequel to the original Final Destination which is why we never have any moments where the gang hear about all the other weird deaths that have happened in the previous movies. It’s an interesting twist and definitely makes you want to go back and watch it again to find all the clues you missed the first time.


However, the twist goes even deeper than that, where we see all the other premonitions or at least clues to those premonitions. For example, we see a truck carrying logs on the highway which is obviously a hint to 2. Olivia is seen looking at an image of her on a rollercoaster with a friend which is the same rollercoaster in 3. And of course we are on the flight 180 we see in 1. It’s a fantastic little nod to the franchise and some are so well hidden, i.e the rollercoaster, that they can easily be missed on first viewing.

This, in terms of enjoyment, may be one of the better Final Destination movies because of the overhanging story arch that is only revealed fully at the end. While the first movie was a marvel in a new type of horror this movie definitely cemented it as a brilliant series that can be watched, enjoyed, and feared for many years to come.

What do you think of Final Destination 5?

Until next time.

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