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American Wedding Review

The early 2000s were definitely fabulous years for teen-comedy now weren’t they? And 3 movies in, this one definitely still holds up.


American Wedding follows the original American Pie gang who are preparing for Jim and Michelle’s wedding. Of course a whole load of hilarity ensues including Stifler and Finch fighting over a girl by taking on each others personas, Jim’s unfortunate accident in trying to clean up his private area shall we say, and Stifler making Jim’s gran a very happy woman in a closet.

Although it didn’t have all the same charm as the original movie it was still an enjoyable watch and did make you feel quite warm and happy at the outcome. And yes it may seem pretty outdated to today’s standards but I honestly think these movies are the sort of ones you can watch again and again without getting bored because they are timelessly entertaining. Almost like an American Inbetweeners (because we all know how awful that series was).

If you haven’t watched the American Pie movies in awhile I definitely recommend a rewatch as they still have a lot of charm and wit while also being a bit on the nose and stupid. The characters as well have a lot of heart and are easily relatable so get yourself some buddies round and have a good evening of laughs.

What did you think of American Wedding?

Until next time.

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