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Riverdale Season 3 Review

Well wasn’t this a bit of a mess! Has Riverdale already lost its way?


This season we had many different villains including the farm, a cult-type place where people had their organs harvested, the black hood, yes that good old season 2 chestnut, and finally the gargoyle king, a mystical being born from a game that ultimately makes people commit suicide.

I understand if we had followed one of these story lines but having all three at once just seemed a bit over the top and unbelievable. No longer does it feel like a murder mystery teen thriller but more a mess that doesn’t know whether it’s appealing to innocent tweens or older, more ‘mature’ young adults. It was an awful mix and often felt me very uncomfortable or embarrassed with how childish it all seemed.

I understand it’s fiction but when it’s set in a somewhat realistic present day America to have so much craziness happen in a small town and in such a small space of time too made me lose any believabiliy. Maybe I’m not the core audience, maybe I’m not the right person to be reviewing this show and I should just shut up because ‘omg Chad Michael Murray is so hot *heart eyes*’ but I enjoyed the first season, I tried to enjoy the second, and this one for me makes me unsure whether there’s any point in continuing. I do not believe I am in the wrong here, I do believe it is the show trying to be something it’s not and trying to keep up the crazy storylines that we enjoyed in the first season but taking it just a step too far.


This show did have a lot of potential but now it has dropped off a cliff and there’s no way back. I do wonder how many seasons they can drag out of this mess.

And really, don’t get me started on that Heathers episode!

What did you think of Riverdale season 3?

Until next time.

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