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It Chapter 2 Review

I was so hyped for this movie, and it didn’t disappoint!


It Chapter 2 follows the Losers Club who return to Derry after 27 years. The same sort of high jinks happen including a lot of jump scares involving scary imagery – some of which was very weird – what was that old lady? Let’s talk about this for a minute.

I quite liked this scene where the group split up, yes it did seem quite scooby-doo but it was fun to spend more time with each of the group individually. I was especially touched by Richie’s flash back and of course this was only amplified with the ending. Some were a bit too strange and almost comical but on watching it seemed to have the same fear and comedy as the original; which I think worked better in the original as it was kids. This I was hoping to be a bit darker and more horrific.


And this was again seen in the ending. They finally overpower Pennywise by yelling at him and making him feel small so they can kill him. This is a nice moral that words can hurt people just as much as any physical or psychological pain but this felt like a moral for a kids movie. I don’t feel the mainly adult (or older teenager audience) would really learn from this or take it on board like a child would and it just felt a bit underwhelming and strange. Don’t get me wrong, I adored this movie, but the actual death of Pennywise left me wanting something more, something different.

But overall I enjoyed this movie. I liked the doors that were opened in Richie’s story line, how we saw more detail about how Ben felt for Beverly and how they still all came together in a time of need and never really lost their friendship with one another.

This is definitely a movie I would watch again and I would enjoy. If I had to be brutally honest I do prefer the original movie with the kids more but that’s personal preference. I felt this movie was still a bit too childish with its jokes and conclusion to suit the adult cast being presented to us.

What did you think of It: Chapter 2?

Until next time.


  1. I definitely agree that the way they defeat Pennywise doesn’t really fly for a movie aimed at adults. It’s s nice message about the harm of bullying, but it’s also incredibly hokey. It’s really my only complaint about a movie I otherwise thoroughly loved! Nice review!


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