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Bad Moms Review

I had this on my list for the longest time so I finally got around to watching it. I won’t lie, I thoroughly enjoyed it!


Bad Moms follows three mums (sorry I’m British I’m spelling it this way) who are seen as bad mums by their peers and the PTA leader, Gwendolyn. Amy, the main character, decides to give up trying to be perfect and also runs for PTA to give her kids a better time of being kids as right now Gwendolyn wants to dictate everything and make it more like a prison and less like a school. It’s a fun story line and this movie reminded me of others like Bad Teacher for example.

I enjoyed this movie because it was fun, creative, and had some sweet heartwarming moments. I do wonder, however, if I was a mum myself would I have enjoyed it even more because I could put myself in the character’s shoes, which is something I cannot do right now. But even so I would definitely watch this movie again but probably be more than likely to watch it with friends rather than alone.


What I loved was the credit scenes where the actors sat down with their mums and discussed what life was like growing up and what the mums would’ve done differently and how proud they are of their child etc. It was lovely to see and it’s a nice thought to think that your mum is rooting for you and wants the best for you and someday you may feel the same way if you have your own children.

I definitely recommend this movie. What do you think?

Until next time.


  1. This movie was given so much hard time only because they are „mums“ and „women“. Meanwhile, Hangover shot so many parts and nobody complained about it. And yes, it was compared to Hangover too but only because there were „women“ involved, they didn’t like this version.
    I don’t understand people. They are first shouting „equalitYyYYy!!!“ but when it actually comes to it, they complain. And I don’t think this movie was even about that, but hey, people will find a way to compare man and woman and equality and what not…
    Anyway, to conclude my rant: I actually liked this movie and it was a good twist to the norms. Not like they were doing this all the time and weren’t there for their family. Quite the opposite. They were showing how actually hard it is and (to turn this around 😀 ) SOMETIMES (not all the time!) the partners are doing nothing but because they are men, they were cut slacks (all the time).

    Happy New Year 🙂


    • Happy new year!

      I agree but hopefully if these sort of movies are continued to be made we will see a shift (perhaps not quickly) to being more accepting of these sorts of movies because they do deserve praise.

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