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After Life Review

I never liked Ricky Gervais but I had so many people tell me I had to watch this show I finally caved and did….and I loved it!


After Life follows a man called Tony who’s wife has recently passed. Tony has lost all love for life and has fallen into a state of depression, not eating properly, no work ethic, and constantly tells people he wants to kill himself. The only thing he has to live for is his dog because, in his words, ‘the dog can’t feed itself’.

Throughout the show you see Tony change from someone who no longer wants to be alive to someone who actually has hope for the future. It’s a lovely journey which you would think would be really sad. But it is not. Gervais is of course a comedian and a lot of dark humour comes from this show. It won’t be to everyone’s taste but if you’re into more dark, controversial comedy then this may be the show for you.


Along the way there are many sad moments, sweet moments, funny moments, and overall is quite the journey. We meet some wonderful characters and the show really makes you think about how one persons existence can make such a big difference to every day life. If you hadn’t spoke to the man on the train or smiled at the coffee shop worker this morning their day could’ve gone so much differently.

It’s a gorgeous show about how people can change things and how your own point of view and perspective on things can impact your overall mood and feeling towards life. It shows that everyone has their own pain and quirks and we’re not so different after all. It’s a wonderful show that I seriously recommend watching.

I did find myself whoever through most of it trying to guess where I had seen the actors before but that didn’t distract me from the overall show.

What did you think of After Life?

Until next time.

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