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Stranger Things Season 3 Review

This may be my favourite season of Stranger Things yet!


Stranger Things reconnects us with the same old beloved characters as the monster from the Upside Down returns once again as a horrific manifest of the town’s people.

Ok, let me explain that because I found it shocking!

The new monster is a type of energy. It builds itself up by taking over people, this is scary enough as these people who seem relatively normal are being controlled by a demon, but it gets deeper. These aren’t really people at all but goo that takes forms of different things. So when the monster needs to go to boss mode size he calls the people back and they turn into a goo that is absorbed by the monster. Anyone getting Absorbalof flashbacks?

The way this is shown in the show however is very gruesome and I even found it shocking that this was still targeted at a teen to young adult fan base. It was not what I expected from the show but I did enjoy it because it showed as the cast got older so did the terror.

This season also introduced new dynamics to the group including the Eleven / Mike romance, Hopper having to come to terms that Eleven is growing up, and his romance with Will’s mum. This brought a new dynamic to the show that added in a few funny moments and definitely some very heartbreaking moments in the end.

But did we have to see Eleven and Mike kiss so much? Maybe I’ve just finally got to ‘that age’ but I found it incredibly awkward and uncomfortable to watch and I was definitely on the side of Hopper.


Overall I really enjoyed this season, despite cringing at all the gory moments, I found the dynamic of the group and how age is changing them fascinating along with all the monster stuff that was happening as well. I felt this season was more about the group and how they’re changing and coming to terms with what they’ve been through but also the fact that they’re growing up and changing in that way as well.

I’m excited to see where things head next as I imagine as the cast grow up their dynamic and friendship will change even more and maybe the monsters can also be more horrifying too (although I’m still trying to get over this season’s monster!)

What did you think of season 3?

Until next time.

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