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Top Reviews of 2019

Another year has passed and we’re officially in a new decade! How exciting. In terms of this little website, 2019 for me was a mixed bag of greatness as well as taking months off due to other areas of my life.

So looking ahead into 2020 I want to do my website more, I want to be consistent, and already in just the last week I have seen big responses so hopefully I can make 2020 my year of awesomeness.

But before that, what did you enjoy reading in 2019? I’ve put my top 10 most read reviews below so you can see what came out on top and what you may have missed.

  1. Bath Bomb Dyed My Hair?!

Originally published in 2016 this has been my most read review of every year thus far. I don’t even know if this bath bomb exists anymore, but it still holds the warning that if you have blonde hair it could be stained…

2. Favourite Movie

This post was part of a 30 day challenge that I completed a couple of years ago. And I am still proud to say this is still my favourite movie, not in terms of camera work or editing or script-writing but in terms of enjoyment. I still can’t listen to the soundtrack without crying.

3. Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer

I’m glad you enjoy serial killer documentaries just as much as I do! This was a well read review but the actual show did have some negatives. I guess you’ll have to (re)read the review again to find out what they are!

4. Naked Attraction

What can I say? Sex sells! This was a fun review to write because I not only focused on the show but also what this sort of show says about us, the viewer, watching it and how these things could possibly escalate further.

5. Love Me Tinder

One of my favourite reviews! This was fascinating to watch and write about and being a single girl at the time it really opened my eyes to how dating apps are used in so many different ways. Dating apps may not interest you at all but this is one review I definitely recommend reading as it gets pretty deep.

6. Paranormal: White Noise

More of a rant than a review. A movie I found on Netflix that I thought had far too many plot holes and I really didn’t enjoy; but I’d love to know what you think.

7: Look Away

Again, another horror movie that I hated. But I disliked this one for different reasons. From the over-sexualisation of a young girl (who in the movie we’re told is still in school), to incestuous vibes, and a very disappointing ending this is one movie I would never watch again.

8. Sierra Burgess is a Loser

Everyone and their mums was watching this movie so I checked it out and was quite shocked at what the movie was portraying in a year where everyone seemed so woke. It was quite a bad movie anyway for the chick flick genre but it was also portraying things that I see as wrong as completely normal. Maybe I’m just getting too old…

9. Favourite Quote

An odd inclusion in this list, honestly thinking now I don’t know what my favourite movie quote is but I’m sure I’ll find one some day! And of course my ‘favourite’ quote had to come from my favourite movie!

10. Addicted to Sexting

I loved this documentary and writing the review. It wad funny, informative, and just interesting really. Especially as these days sexting is such a huge part of any relationship it’s good to remember how fun it is but also that you should be safe with it.

So that’s my top 10 of the year. What will 2020 be full of? If I had to label 2019 in reviews it seems to be the year of sex and relationships.

I definitely enjoy writing about more taboo and out there topics as I feel they shouldn’t be ignored. As well as more niche and small shows, movies, and documentaries that could’ve been overlooked for the likes of Star Wars and Cats!

What was your favourite thing to come out of 2019?

Until next time.

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