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Sex Education Review

With the second season coming soon I am finally getting round to reviewing this show and what can I say? I really enjoyed it.


Sex Education follows a young high school lad called Otis who’s mother is a sex therapist. As the characters are coming of age where all they want to do is have sex and explore their sexuality Otis starts offering advice to the kids and his friend Maeve pockets the fee. There are story lines of erectile dysfunction, cross-dressing, abortions and more and it’s so great to watch a show that doesn’t shy away from these topics.

While I commend the show for what it is telling young adults and teenagers I did find it odd as it seems the show is set in the UK based on accents and location but it is all very Americanised. From the school the kids go to with the lockers to the way they dress and even some of the ways the story line plays out it all seems a bit misplaced. But I guess this does mean a wider audience may be more inclined to watch it. If it was too heavy one side of the pond or the other it may put people off.


But I really enjoyed this show, not just because it was funny and heartwarming and also had some soul crushing moments (when Eric gets jumped it’s especially heartbreaking to watch) but it’s also informative and lets young people know that their interests are theirs and they shouldn’t feel bad or be ashamed for what they like and are into and if you are having any issues it’s ok to talk about them to other people.

With the second season of Sex Education coming out this week I definitely recommend going back and enjoying the first season again because it was absolutely fantastic.

What did you think of Sex Education?

Until next time.


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