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Rick and Morty Season 4 Review

I enjoy Rick and Morty and have since I first started watching it, but this season just felt too short and like there wasn’t much point to it.


Rick and Morty continues with the same old antics happening in many different worlds. Episodes included Rick dying and being cloned in many different universes trying to get back to his correct one while Morty tries to do all he can to make sure the life in which he dies with Jessica happens. One with an alien intern who makes an app with Jerry and plans to steal all of Earth’s water. And an episode where Morty gets a dragon and a weird dragon/human orgy takes place.

And these are really the most memorable moments. The issue I had with this season was it didn’t draw me in as much as others have. I remember watching a Film Theory episode about the season soon after finishing it and it mentioned a moment I don’t even remember happening – that’s how much I was dipping in and out of watching it.

With it being 4 episodes as well I did feel that not much really happened. It was enjoyable but felt like there wasn’t any point. Previous seasons have had cliffhangers at the end and more story line whereas this one felt like you could watch the episodes in any order as stand alone episodes and it wouldn’t ruin anything. This made the finale feel almost anti-climactic.


But, there was one shining moment which did make me feel like the creators had spent time on and really planned out. Where Rick has his own private toilet in a far away world and he finds out someone else has used it. He tracks the man down and finds out he’s much like Rick and Rick refuses to kill him for what he has done. This starts a whole story line where in the end the man does die and Rick, who has denied time and time again that he wasn’t the man’s friend, feels sad. He sits on the toilet and sets off a trap he set for the man which tells him he has no friends and is all alone and it’s really poignant. It shows that Rick too is alone and doesn’t really have any friends in that moment. It’s quite sad really and makes you think of Rick’s past and why he acts the way he does.

Juxtaposing this is a moment with a talking cat. The finale episode which as I said didn’t feel like a finale. This talking cat doesn’t like people asking questions and we find out this is because he has a dark past that Rick and Jerry find revolting. It’s so interesting and strange and yes I get why they left it without the audience knowing because the whole point is ‘it’s better not to ask questions’ but I wonder if this does come up again in a future season. If this cat is explained because it is fascinating and people do want to know the point of it.

But, overall, I found this season ok but not my favourite. If I was to re-watch Rick and Morty these episodes would not be ones I am immediately drawn too but I also wouldn’t skip them if I was having a binge of the whole show again.

What did you think of season 4?

Until next time.

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