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Top Reviews of the Decade

Recently I did my top reviews of 2019 post, but, seeing as we’re now in a new decade I decided to look back on the last few years and what was the top read review.

I have been updating this website nearly 5 years (5 in March) so I have 5 years worth of reviews to look back on. The top 5 reviews that you have loved.


Tetbury Woolsack Race

What an odd blog post! This was a event that my mum, brother and I went to back in 2015 that was a tradition in this town. People would compete to run up a hill with a sack on their backs in the fastest time. It was a lovely warm sunny day and one I look back fondly on.


Bath Bomb Dyed My Hair?! 

That infamous review that people still find and read every single day. It turns out I’m allergic to an ingredient in Lush products now but since that day I have never used a pink bath bomb again.


Jumanji 2017 Trailer

This was huge when the trailer first dropped and I recently finally got to watch the movie and reviewed it here. I used to love doing trailer reviews, should I start doing them again?


Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer Review

A review that people still love but a show that could’ve been a lot better. Who isn’t obsessed with serial killers at the moment though?!


Favourite Movie

My favourite movie! A bit of a deeper insight into me as a person and what I enjoy on a personal level.

So there we have it! What has your favourite review been?

Until next time.

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