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Don’t Scream Review

This was a show I randomly found on BBC iPlayer. I thought I’d give it a watch while I had a bath and honestly, it may be quite forgettable, but it’s also very fun.


Don’t Scream is a game show where people are taken to an abandoned shopping centre and made to do tasks with jump scares and their worst fears happening to and around them. The contestants are given £5,000 to start with, but anytime one of them screams they loss £100. At the end of the show they find out how much money they’ve won. In the episode I watched it was three friends who were trying to win the £5,000.

I found this show quite fun to watch. It was refreshing from the usual standard game show style and kept my attention. It of course also had all the funny moments of the contestants screaming at the jump scares. While this does seem like a show more aimed at people my age and younger it was a laugh and had me thinking how I would do on a show like this.

While other game shows are more marketed towards an older audience (I’m thinking mid 20’s up) this one is more for younger views and has more of a jokey feel to it. With the slang used and the type of contestants on the show I’d definitely lump this show with the likes of Celebs Go Dating, Naked Attraction, and Love Island.

If you want something to put on in the background and not pay too much attention to this is a great show for that, but it’s not too bad that if you sit down and watch it you won’t enjoy it. I just imagine after a couple of episodes it could get a bit repetitive and boring.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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