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Sex Education Season 2 Review

Wow! I binged watched this season in three days, and I won’t lie, I cried at the end.

Season 1 review here.


Season 2 follows the same characters as the story continues. This season Otis’ mum gets a job at the school as a sex ed representative. But the actual sexual story-lines in this season felt deeper than the ones in the first. There was stories on sexual assault, fetishes, the sexuality spectrum and more. As you already know these characters it was nice to see them fleshed out more and giving more hard-hitting story-lines and story-lines that may not be a focus in other TV shows. While in the first season we spoke about abortions and sexuality this season felt like the conversation within sex had just grown even more.

Let’s for example take the sexual assault story-line. Within only a few scenes we were able to easily piece together what was happening and how it was being handled. The actual assault was small but poignant and this show didn’t need to show someone getting raped or anything horrific like that to put across its point. The way the police officer (a male I will add) spoke to the victim was very telling and very relate-able to real life and then how she is able to confide in other girls about what happened and they have their own stories is also very hard hitting. I think every girl watching this could relate in one way or another.

I really enjoyed how the first episode started with STIs and the stigma around them. I know when I was at school we got shown some scary photos of STIs and then we moved on to other topics. I liked how this show made STIs seem less like an embarrassing taboo topic and something that should be talked about because if we don’t talk about them and hide them away they could just keep spreading. Most are treatable and we should be telling our young adults that, that maybe you don’t want to tell people you have it bit going to the doctor or whoever means you don’t have to suffer in silence and can get help and treated.

While this season had its funny moments it also felt very mature and very well put together so young people watching could see that it’s ok to talk about sex and their health and that what they are or are not into is completely normal and they shouldn’t feel judged for it.

I love Sex Education. I think it’s a brilliant show that educates but also entertains. And to be honest I would quite happily sit through that Shakespeare adaptation for hours on end.

What did you think of season 2?

Until next time.

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