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Miss Americana Review

I have loved Taylor Swift since I was a teenager so of course I had to watch her documentary, especially as the Reputation Tour on Netflix gave me so much life.


This documentary follows Taylor Swift from her early days all the way up to the present day. From her humble beginnings performing at small venues around her hometown, to her rise to stardom and infamy and everything in-between. It was fascinating to see how she felt and responded to these times in her life when she’s been so quiet on it before. It was also interesting to see how much she has grown and learnt throughout the years.

It showed Taylor to be quite the complex person and how there was so much meaning behind everything she does. It also showed her human side and how she is just a girl that made it big and is constantly in the public eye. It was sad to see her talk about her eating disorder and how she would critique every image of her in the news each day. I remember as a young girl hearing that Taylor ‘only ate 500 calories a day’ and how I thought that was inspiring as I wanted to look as skinny as her – which I know now is such a toxic mindset to have.

I think it was fascinating to see as well how even small choices she makes are so heavily thought through and had to go through teams and teams to be signed off. When she wanted to Instagram post about her political standpoint she couldn’t just grab her phone and post it, she had to talk through her PR person, weigh up the negatives that could come from the post – hell, they even worried that President Trump would come after her, when you or me could easily just post and carry on with our day.

I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary and seeing a side of a star that I have enjoyed for years. It gave me happiness knowing that I was inspired by such a strong individual that had learnt and grown from her mistakes but also seemed pretty down to earth and relaxed about it all. I did especially love that she is still friends with people from her childhood and not just other big celebrities.

What did you think of the documentary?

Until next time.

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