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Little Britain Making a Comeback?!

Recently there were talks of Little Britain making a comeback….and I stand on the side that believes it shouldn’t.


I used to love Little Britain when I was younger. When I got Netflix a couple of years ago I saw the series was on there and gave it a watch, and I found it far too offensive and childish – no wonder I enjoyed it when I was about 12.

I was quite surprised really as I didn’t remember it being that bad. Just from the first couple of episodes I watched there was Asian racism, trans-phobic remarks, black face, fat-shaming, and just very crude, unfunny moments. I did find it quite shocking that even when it first aired people were ok with it.

So bringing this show into 2020 – how would that work? Well, in my eyes, it wouldn’t. Either they would stick with the same old outdated humour that was funny back when it was first aired, but now we are more educated on the fact that it’s just offensive, or they will completely change up their routine. If they stick to what they used to do there would be an uproar, but also if they change it, there would be an uproar as well from the people who enjoyed it in the first place.

I don’t agree that people are ‘too sensitive’ these days and that has ruined comedy. It’s fascinating to go back and watch shows that are now seen as offensive and unfit to show. And that’s the point! Overtime people’s viewpoints change and they become more educated and more accepting of other people and cultures that making fun of them or being offensive just isn’t funny anymore and is a problem. Comedy can still be funny without being offensive and in some ways I do think it’s lazy writing if you have to make a homophobic or racist joke to cause a reaction.

But there will be the fans who say people are snowflakes and too soft and they should be allowed to make a new series. But why? Why should we go back to things that are old and no longer relevant when there’s so many new creative minds out there who could create much better shows that are more widely acceptable?

To keep the peace I think Little Britain should not make a return. I’m sure Matt Lucas and David Walliams have plenty of money and can put their time and effort into making something better. Leave the racist past in the past.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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