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Rupaul’s Drag Race UK Review

Maybe it’s because I’m British, but, I much preferred this season to so many of the American ones.


Drag Race UK was fantastic! Full of British references and jokes it made me proud to be British and gave me a bigger love for British drag queens. So let’s talk about them…

Gothy Kendoll

I quite enjoyed Gothy but she definitely felt too new. Give her a couple of years and I imagine she’d be a well-rounded very fun drag queen. Maybe she could come back one day?

Scaredy Cat

Scaredy interested me as she is from the same county as me. She seems fun and sassy and I was obsessed with her cat collar but I do think she has areas to improve on. You’re great, but I want to see more!

Vinegar Strokes

I absolutely loved Vinegar so I was sad she left so early. Her money look killed me I was laughing so hard and I would love to see so much more of her. Her personality is brilliant and so infectious.

Sum Ting Wong

Again another huge personality that I adored! She was so funny and memorable I wish I got to see more of her and hopefully in the future I will.


Crystal was a different kind of queen with her chest hair and androgynous nature. I really enjoyed her though, especially in the Downton Draggy episode, and I think she’s a brilliant queen. ‘It was quite the scandal’.

Blue Hydrangea

Blue was such a sassy queen! When she first came along I thought she was sweet and cute but she had some very fun venom and I was here for it. She seemed to be a bit of the ‘evil queen’ of this season yet she was still lovely and funny with it. I feel like all the drag queens were nice and there wasn’t really a bitchy one in this season.

Cheryl Hole

The Roxy of drag race UK. I loved her, she was fun, funny and had loads of personality but I do think she could definitely polish up and be even better.

Baga Chipz

Baga is an incredible drag queen with lots of personality and charisma. I get why she didn’t win but she was definitely one of the most memorable. Much betta!

Divina de Campo

A fashion queen. I loved Davina from her sass to her personality to her outfits. A fabulous queen inside and out. I would not have been disappointed if she won.

And finally…

The Vivienne

I liked The Vivienne – her Trump was insane and her final look was gorgeous but I did feel like she could be quite bitchy at times. I’m happy she won but I do think it went to her head a bit and the competition bought out her worst side. She seems like a fantastic queen though and I would love to see more of her.

Overall I was insanely pleased with this season and Drag Race UK and I can’t wait for the next season!

What did you think of Drag Race UK?

Until next time.

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