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You Season 2 Review

Was this season as good as the first? No. Did I still enjoy it? Yes.


You season 2 follows Joe now under the new name of Will. He flees New York for a new start in LA away from his past and his ex Candace who had tracked him down. He meets a new girlfriend called Love (I know – blegh!) and they get to know each other. Candace hasn’t stopped however and soon she, and his past, catches up to him.

The start of this season Joe/Will decides he wants to do better and be good, so the beginning is quite slow and boring. Compare it to the first episode of You season 1 where he immediately takes Beck’s boyfriend hostage, this season took a few more episodes to really engage me. And there was one fundamental issue with the season working this way.

I started to feel empathy towards Joe. He’s murdered countless people yet here I was really buying into the love story. Love clearly had some issues in her life too so it was nice to see she had Joe there she could go to and feel safe with – and that is not right! That’s the intention of the show, obviously, but it is gross how because of how we are so desensitised to things and want to see the good in others we’ll overlook their pasts when they’re being good for literally two seconds.

But of course he doesn’t stay good and with Candace’s arrival and Love’s brother becoming a burden things soon change, but not in a way we expect. It turns out Love is just as crazy as him and doesn’t care that he has killed people because she has done it too herself. And I liked this. I felt like the show had to do one better than the season before it and making the girlfriend just as crazy as Joe was the perfect way of doing it. I really believed in Love’s character so that made Candace’s death all the more shocking.

Would I re-watch this season? Maybe if I was binge watching the whole thing but compared to season 1 it just didn’t have the same punch or excitement. I’m glad I finished it because the second half of the season was incredible but I just wanted more from the build up as, at times, it did get quite boring.

What did you think of You season 2?

Until next time.

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