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Accepted Review

What a weird movie this is!


Now we all complain about school, I often at my age like to complain about how I never learnt how to get a mortgage or how a pension really works but I digress. Well what if we did learn ‘real life’ things instead of complex algebra and PE? This college does just that.

Bartleby is a lad who should be going to college, except he didn’t get accepted. He can’t tell his parents this because they’ve given him a lot of money towards it so him and a few friends make up a fake college to fool his parents. But things get pushed to another level when hundreds of other students turn up expecting a college to go to. Bartleby decides to start running a college that lets the kids learn what they really want to know rather than what is on the curriculum. Now this is all well and good but it did make me wonder about their futures.

Yes it’s a college degree but when it’s a college degree in wingman-ing 101 or doing nothing 495 (real classes that are included on the white board curriculum in the movie) does it really matter? Some say no degree matters it’s the fact you got it and were independent and motivated enough to get it to whatever grade you did. But if someone went for a job in a finance office and their degree was skateboarding does it really look that great?

I’m clearly thinking about this movie with too much of an adult mind and maybe I should be more like ‘haha I’d choose ‘how to get a boyfriend 102” but it’s still something I think about. And I wouldn’t choose that, I’d choose journalism.

Overall this movie was funny if a bit predictable with the same sort of vibe as American Pie and all those 2000s chick flicks but hey, if you have nothing else to watch you may as well veg out in front of the TV and watch this.

What did you think of Accepted?

Until next time.

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