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Gossip Girl Season One Review

Is it bad I still haven’t watched season 2 because of the break up that happens at the end of this season?


I decided to try Gossip Girl as everyone online always seems to go on about it. To me, it seems like an even faker Made in Chelsea where all we do is follow teenage socialites who have drama because, usually, it’s themselves causing it.

But then the bombshell is dropped – Serena has killed someone!

But not really, a guy overdoses and she does nothing to do to help and he ultimately dies and she feels responsible. When this revelation first came to light I had goosebumps I was so intrigued – I thought we had another Pretty Little Liars show on our hands. But that excitement soon rattled off and the old relationship drama was the centre focus once again.

Honestly, I was obsessed with Serena and Dan, they were my favourite couple and so cute together. Blair looked gorgeous but had an awful amount of bitchiness about her, something she clearly developed from her mother who never truly loved her and was too busy being focused on herself. And then there’s Chuck.

Chuck I despised from the get go. Not only for what he did to Jenny, which was a horrible thing to do and I am shocked his friends were fine with it and expected it from him, but also his whole demeanour. He always had an air of creep about him that I couldn’t get on board with, and when they tried to make him seem nicer with the Blair storyline I just knew she deserved better.

Honestly, I’m not sure how much of this show I’m going to enjoy or watch. A lot of the problems these kids have is down to a lack of communication and secrets and lies. But when you’re supposedly a teenager (even though the whole cast look mid 20s + ) life is a mess and throwing money into the mix is just going to make it worse.

What did you think of Gossip Girl? Should I continue watching?

Until next time.

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