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Orphan 55 Review

Again, another on the nose episode but it did have its highlights.


Orphan 55 is a planet that has a spa retreat built on it. This retreat is in an enclosed dome where the outside looks like sunshine and happiness but is really a derelict planet that has been left to die.

But not everything has died out there. Monsters that use the horrible wasteland in their stride live there and they don’t like humans (or aliens that look like humans, Doctor). The worlds collide when one of the guests of the retreat is taken by the monsters and the Doctor fights to save him and fix the entrance in which the monsters are entering the retreat.

But why would these monsters seem to hate humans? Maybe it’s just because they built on their land? Oh no. Plot twist! This planet is Earth. The monsters are us or the us who survived the fallout and have evolved to handle their new environment. This was a bit on the nose, everyone and their mums are doing post-apocalyptic story-lines about ‘if we don’t save the planet this will happen’ but is it really needed anymore?

This is all words, words being shoved down our throats from every angle. What we need is actions, companies and people who want to make a difference. It’s all well and good little old me turning off the tap when I brush my teeth and not leaving the heating on when I’m not home, but if these billion dollar companies are leaving their office lights on all night ‘for safety’ or polluting our oceans with all their plastic packaging what is preaching to the ‘normal man’ really going to do?

We’ve had this story line in our face since we were little. With Eccleston and the world is ending party in season 1, all the way to now. I get it’s a good story line and simple to do but I think it needs to stop and actions need to start happening from these big companies instead.

But, back to the monsters. I didn’t mind their design I just hated how they were presented. It was all close up shots alone with no one else to compare. Or that one awful shot with the monster full size on a very obvious green screened background. The only good shot of them was with the Doctor when she’s breathing in the oxygen they give out. Apart from that it was a waste of great character design.

This definitely wasn’t the worst episode but I definitely think the team could come up with way better ideas.

What did you think of Orphan 55?

Until next time.

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