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Fugitive of the Judoon Review

This episode reignited the love I had for Doctor Who. Unfortunately though, I feel this spark was not enough as, since watching this when it was released, I have not watched another and the finale has already been and gone.


The Judoon are back! I love these rhinos with their little leather kilts. They have landed in Gloucester (somewhere not too far from me) and are looking for a fugitive.

And this is how we meet Ruth a tour guide and lovely lady who seems to have a pretty normal life (and an utterly gorgeous apartment!). But not everything is as it seems as Ruth has flashbacks to a lighthouse and has secret kick-ass fighting powers. And this is where things got deep.

Ruth and the Doctor travel to the lighthouse that was Ruth’s childhood home. But, as it is Doctor Who, nothing is as it seems. Ruth’s lighthouse hides her real hidden identity, much like the pocket watch in the David Tennant episode. Ruth is in fact the Doctor and even has her TARDIS buried in a grave she was certain was the resting place of her parents. But where does she fit in the timeline? And why do neither of the Doctors remember the other? It’s a fantastic moment and had my heart beating out of my chest with excitement!

And to make it even better, while the Doctor and Ruth discover her hidden identity, the sidekicks get beamed up to a spaceship being piloted (if you can call it that) by Captain Jack. He warns them of the lone Cyberman and sends them away, and while it is a brief moment of excitement and nostalgia it also opened up the future story line and really had me interested in where we would go next.

This is the Doctor Who I love. Using characters to their full potential, having exciting twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat, and revealing pieces that make you want to keep watching to find out more.

I loved this episode and I hope, when I do get round to watching the rest, this level of brilliance continues. But I will admit, I honestly doubt that’ll happen.

What did you think?

Until next time.


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