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Praxeus Review

And much like I said in my last review, the high of Doctor Who could not last more than one week…

Doctor Who 1206 - Trailer

In Praxeus we follow a few separate story lines in a few separate countries. But all these places have one thing in common: people are turning into rocks and exploding. Weird right?

Now when I first watched the trailer for this episode I knew it would be more disappointing than the last, and I wasn’t wrong. Once again, like Orphan 55, this was another shove the environment down our throats story line. And I’ve spoken about this in Orphan 55 but it does annoy me, however this one, not so much.

Micro plastics are a real thing and I think a lot less people know about them. It’s a fascinating thing that we literally cannot get away from plastic even if we were stood in the middle of a field miles from any civilisation. And again, I get the point here, that we should stop using so much plastic to help the environment.

But how can the everyday normal human do that?

As a normal working class person I go to the shop a few times a week to buy my food. I try and buy as little plastic as I can, especially referring to fresh foods, but when these big supermarkets and shops are the ones that are putting their wears in plastic what am I supposed to do? You can’t even buy bread these day without it being wrapped in plastic!

So once again I ask: why are you saying this to an audience of mainly ‘normal’ people when you should really be preaching to the people who can actually make a difference. I can do as much as I can but until shops stop wrapping everything in plastic what else can I do?

I would buy from more independent, local shops who don’t use plastic as much but where can you find those these days? Especially in small towns where supermarkets take over, these shops shut and then once again I can only really buy tomatoes in plastic, or bread in plastic, instead of getting a fresh loaf from a bakery and being able to reuse or wrap it in whatever I see fit.

I felt this episode was more informative but still, the average man can only do so much and I think we’ve been preached to enough. It’s a bit of a cop out in this day and age to make the environment scary. One episode? Sure. But two? That needs a rethink.

What did you think of Praxeus?

Until next time.

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