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Can You Hear Me? Review

I appreciated this episode. I liked the fact that Doctor Who are trying new things. But what did I think of it as a whole? Well…


Can You Hear Me? Takes place in different time zones. From 1380 Aleppo to present day Sheffield. The gang take a bit of time off to return home and see loved ones they haven’t seen for a while, yet all seem to be connected. A man who is filling their minds with nightmares as they sleep is lurking and the Doctor and the gang want to find out who and what he is.

Now there’s a big elephant in the room today and that is all the wet willies this man is giving out!

Definition: A prank whereby a saliva-moistened finger is inserted into an unsuspecting person’s ear, often with a slight twisting motion.

What on earth was this? It was the weirdest and grossest thing to come out of Doctor Who, I think, in a long time. It was surreal and really made me cringe…but maybe that was the point? Whatever it was all about the team behind Doctor Who were definitely thinking outside the box for this episode.

Now I quite enjoyed the episode as a whole. The new artistic style that reminded me of the Deathly Hallows was interesting and the nightmare scenarios kept me engaged as they were varied and different.

However, the ending was where my interest fell off. Firstly, is this a sugar daddy situation because this man is way too old for the goddess he’s paired with and secondly, the ending felt almost Scooby Doo to me. Like hey, you had this creature on your side, but now it’s on our side *maniacal laugh, good guys win again*.

I would’ve loved some more darkness and fear. Nightmares can literally be anything so make it dark, make it scary. The kids can enjoy fingers in peoples’ ears and the adults can enjoy the subtle subtext of the nightmares.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a perfectly fine episode, but as I’ve felt with Doctor Who for a while. I want the bad guys to actually scare me – like the Weeping Angels or the Daleks – not just be light and fun most of the time.

What did you think of Can You See Me?

Until next time.

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