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The Haunting of Villa Diodati Review

I was quite excited for this episode. Ghosts are a favourite of mine so incorporating them into Doctor Who seemed like a win-win situation especially with how watered down the horror has been this season. Was it that good though?


In this episode we meet the Shelley’s and their friends at a villa where Mary Shelley famously came up with Frankenstein. But there are spooky goings on with vases smashing against walls and people seeing ghostly figures. There is also the small inconvenience that the villa keeps changing, staircases seem to go in circles and doors aren’t where they appear to be.

I really enjoyed the start of this episode, it was full of exciting little moments that made you question everything and kept you on your toes. The way the Cyberman looked on the lake as well was pretty horrifying…and then he turned up.

I quite liked the design of the Lone Cyberman. It reinstated the horror of what a Cyberman is in your head – a body trapped inside a metal case with no emotion and no feeling. It was interesting to see a Cyberman that had human looks but with no humanity about him.

He is after the cyberium which is being protected by Percy Shelley who turns out to be the spectre we’ve been seeing around the house. He has fused with the cyberium and is now guarding it against the Cyberman.

But as things continue the Doctor of course gets her hands on it and eventually gives it up to the Cyberman as he vows to end the human race which the Doctor knows doesn’t happen. Instead this starts off a chain of events that we see happen in the future.

Overall I enjoyed this episode. It was interesting, scary, and bought an older enemy back to life in a new way that wasn’t just copying the original design *ahem Capaldi era ahem*. It was definitely one of the better episodes and leaving it in such a way made me want to continue watching to see what the Lonely Cyberman did next.

What did you think?

Until next time.

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