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Ascension of the Cybermen Review

So, what’s up with the drone Cyberman heads?


Here we go towards the end of season 12. The Doctor and her companions have landed back on Earth in the future where there are a mere few human beings left as the rest have been wiped out by the Cybermen and their army. It is soon come to our attention that there is a place in the universe that will warp you to a random place that is never repeated, and this is the humans’ final hope of getting away and surviving.

But of course not everything goes as planned and while the Doctor and Ryan head to this place after being stranded on earth the humans, Yaz, and Graham (who are also aiming for this warp jump) have ended up stuck on a Cyberman battle ship after their own ship runs out of power.

Now this story is all well and good but this was not the one I was interested in…

Alongside the main storyline there is another about a boy called Brendan who is adopted by a couple in Scotland. We watch his life in small parts from him growing up to him as an adult becoming a police officer and eventually being shot off the edge of a cliff…where he doesn’t die.

Things become even stranger when, while Brendan has aged and become an old man, the people around him haven’t and they wipe all his memories for some unknown reason. It’s very intriguing and watching this episode, if I’m honest, I thought this may have been the lone Cyberman.

Looking at stills they have the same jawline and facial structure but as we see in the next episode, he is not. This side story really did intrigue me though and I really couldn’t wait until the next episode to find out who he was.

While this episode was just a set up for the finale it was still interesting and kept me engaged but at the same time if it wasn’t for the Brendan storyline I would’ve definitely not cared as much.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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