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The Timeless Children Review

I was slightly disappointed with this finale, mainly because it left me with far too many questions.


In The Timeless Children we finally make it to Gallifrey. The Master takes the Doctor and lets her see the truth…that she is not originally from Gallifrey. The Doctor in fact is a child that was found by an explorer. The explorer took the child home and one day the child fell off a cliff while playing with another child. Instead of dying however the child regenerates and this is when their adopted mother becomes interested. The mother manages to harness the power of regeneration and shares it with the people of Gallifrey but only allows them to regenerate 13 times. This means there never has to be an end to Doctor Who…great, right?

We also find out that the Doctor has lives she does not remember, like the other Doctor she met a few episodes before. We find out she was used for her power by a secret organisation that I hope will be explored more in the future, and this also tells us that Brendan we met in the episode before was actually the Doctor. This was very fascinating and I do hope we find out more soon as it did leave me very intrigued.

But really, this was the most exciting part of the episode, as well as the Cyberman/Time-lord hybrids. Everything else felt like a normal episode that didn’t really excite me, but with all these revelations does make me excited for the future and if we end up with a lot of filler episodes again I will be upset. There seems to be a really interesting arc happening here and so I hope the storytelling in the next series will be of the highest quality exploring all this that has been opened up to us.

But overall, the finale was fine but without the revelations of the Doctor it would’ve been very boring.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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