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Falling Inn Love Review

I was suggested this movie as I am not usually into rom-coms. And yes it was trash, but not as bad as I expected.


Falling Inn Love follows a girl who is used to the big city lifestyle who unexpectedly wins an inn in New Zealand. Thinking this’ll be a great new start she heads across the globe but of course not all is as it seems.

Let’s start with that first off, winning an Inn across the world. Does that not scream ‘scam’ to you? Like, if I saw an email saying win an inn I’d immediately dismiss it. And then to travel halfway across the world to go find your inn, that’s a huge commitment! You’re giving up your life and lifestyle on a whim that this inn you’ve won isn’t a lie and really you’ll get to New Zealand and be met with nothing or something worse!

But, alas, she gets to New Zealand to find the inn and an ‘unlikely’ love interest. Unlikely meaning very likely and very on the nose.

But I won’t lie, this movie was quite heartwarming and cute and if you’re looking for something light to watch with the usual stereotypical rom-com characters – this is perfect for you.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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