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Annabelle: Creation Review

Hmm, this franchise is definitely not one of my favourites, I feel it’s one of those blockbuster hits that gets overly saturated and ends up a bit underwhelming. But what I did I think of this movie alone?

Honestly, writing this review now, this movie is incredibly forgettable! The premise is a good one, orphaned girls move into a home where a couple have lost their daughter and one finds a doll and becomes attached to it….when it turns out this doll is possessed by a demon that wants to kill everyone…basically.

So with that in mind, yes it’s very similar to other movies brought to you from the same cinematic universe but it could be interesting, and then it kind of goes off a cliff like the rest of them.

This movie is full of jump scares and cheap scares that are really for shock factor rather than being clever or original. Yes the doll is creepy but I do feel that kind of pulls away from the dolls appeal. Why on earth would anyone want is as a toy? Make it more cutesy and charming so when the evil comes out it’s a surprise and has more impact then making it scary from the get go.

And the actual storyline was quite simple too. Creepy house, creepy people, nuns, religion, creepy doll, it was as if ideas were thrown at a wall of horror cliches and they went with what stuck. I mean, if you’re into jump scares and stuff like that with horror this’ll definitely be a movie for you but, for me, I feel I want more substance from what I’m watching.

Honestly, I wouldn’t watch this movie again and wouldn’t recommend it much either. There are better horror movies out there and this just seemed like another cash grab from a cinematic universe that is already far too saturated with these sorts of stories.

But that’s my opinion, what did you think?

Until next time.

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