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A Quiet Place Review

Wow, I expected this movie to be intense but this was so much more than I could’ve ever imagined!

A Quiet Place is set in a dystopian future where monsters exist that will kill you if they hear you making noise. We follow a normal family trying to get through this horrific event and carry on after one of the monsters kills one of their children, however stakes are raised as their mother is pregnant.

I found this movie so exciting! The fact it had little to no sound and no added external sound made everything so tense and engaging. The thought that any sound made could bring the monsters to their home was very intense and the fact that we’re throwing a new born baby into the mix that does not understand being quiet is just insane!

I found myself reacting to this movie much more than I have done with others. I think the fact that there was little sound made any sound I made watching seem so much louder. My gasps and sharp intakes of breath seemed so much more prominent and I really felt the tension and fear that the characters were feeling in this movie.

One thing I do have to say however, is I don’t really understand how they’ll make a sequel. Yes the movie ended on quite an open end but that doesn’t mean a sequel has to be made. I worry it’ll lose its sparkle and become another fad horror franchise but I have hope it won’t be this way and will be good.

But for this movie alone, it’s fantastic! Really keeps you on the edge of your seat and really gets you feeling connected to the characters and what they’re going through. If you haven’t seen this movie I definitely recommend it, or if you have, why not give it another watch? It’s definitely a movie I could watch again and again and still feel the same tension I did on first viewing.

What do you think of A Quiet Place?

Until next time.

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