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Blockers Review

I wanted to watch this movie for the longest time so once it was on Netflix I knew I had to watch it…and guess what? I really enjoyed it!

Blockers is about a group of dysfunctional parents whose daughters have all become best friends and grown up together to the teens we see in this film, about to go to prom. But the girls also want to do something else on prom night too, lose their virginities!

Unfortunately the parents find out and want to put a stop to this which brings all the comedy and adventure to the film.

But the lesson learnt? And something I really enjoyed about this film.

The parents realise all children have to grow up. One day every child will go on to be a teen and then an adult and have partners and sex and that’s ok. It also showed that these teens know more than their parents realise and that they do feel prepared or are willing and excited to take this next step in their lives and relationships.

I really liked this because it showed a different side to a parent/teen relationship and how it feels, in a very hilarious way, to see your children grow up and become young men and women. It doesn’t stop the teens in anyway from doing what they want to do but instead makes sure that they are ready and they are happy with the decision that they are making.

I really enjoyed this film and I definitely recommend anyone to watch it.

Until next time.

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