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The Emperor’s New Groove Review

I used to be obsessed with the game as a kid so of course when I got Disney+ I had to watch the movie again!

The Emperor’s New Groove follows an emperor called Kuzco who is a bit of a meanie. He’s all about himself and wants everything he wants no questions asked. This changes however when his newly fired advisor Yzma tries to kill him, but accidentally turns him into a llama instead. Kuzco is thrust into a new world where his looks, money, and fame are all gone and he must look towards a villager called Pacha to help him return to his kingdom and change back to the emperor he once was.

I love this movie! It’s got fantastic little jokes, an interesting storyline, and is perfect for any age. Even watching it as a 25 year old I was on the edge of my seat for some scenes and giggling away at others. It’s a fabulous movie that definitely deserves more love. It may be twenty (!) years old now but it still holds strong and has many great and quotable moments that will stay with you for years to come.

I’m personally still obsessed over ‘Pull the lever Kronk! WRONG LEVER!’

So do I recommend this movie? Most definitely! It’s fun, silly, a bit suspenseful and all round a good movie to watch alone or with friends, or even your family!

What do you think of The Emperor’s New Groove?

Until next time.

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