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Grease: Live Review

This was a really random watch and not something I’d usually go for, but, I had some time to kill and Netflix recommend it so why not?

Grease Live is a live play/musical of the movie Grease, filmed on sets and in front of a live studio audience. I did find it quite fascinating to watch as, pre-lockdown, watching a film play was never something I’d do.

Being a theatre kid myself I did really enjoy watching this and seeing all the different cues the cast had to hit and how they managed to keep it feeling like a it was made for a screen and not just an on stage play with a static camera filming it. The breaking of the fourth wall too with them riding round on golf carts and showing the sets from the audience’s perspective etc. was fascinating and really worked well in this setting, while I can imagine in an actual theatre it may not be pulled off so well.

I especially think, with Hamilton as well on Disney+, that this could be a new format of how people watch theatre. Yes there’s nothing quite like hearing those vocals live or seeing how it all comes together on stage but, with the current situation we’re in, this is definitely a good substitute.

Would I watch this again? Oh yes! Of course nothing beats the original but for a different idea and concept this works really well and gave me the same uplifting feeling I get from the original Grease movie.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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