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Doctor Dolittle Review

Honestly, I remember this movie being a lot better than it was…

Now don’t get me twisted, I did enjoy this movie but it seemed to have a lot more flare and pizzaz when I was a kid. This was one of my favourite movies in fact as I was obsessed with animals and would’ve loved to have been able to talk to them as a child, but as an adult, this movie didn’t thrill me.

Maybe it was the fact the movie hasn’t aged too well and looked very old. Maybe it was the cheap jokes or maybe it’s the fact I now recognise the voice actors so the level of disassociation needed to feel engaged isn’t there anymore but I did find this kind of meh.

At the time I’m sure it was great but now it seemed quite childish and didn’t make me laugh or have me excited as much as it used to. Yes it’s silly and fun but also a bit too weird and seemed to have a lot of talking and not much doing, like the storyline wasn’t really there.

Unfortunately with my Disney+ binge this is definitely one movie I won’t rush back to watch. It seems like one of those classic Disney movies that is quite simple and sweet but yeah, I had much higher expectations for It and unfortunately it just didn’t hold up.

What did you think of Dr Dolittle?

Until next time.

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