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Frozen 2 Review

So I finally got around to watching this as it was on Disney+ and I loved it!

It could’ve easily been said that Frozen 2 could’ve just been a cash grab and in some ways I do think it was but for all the right reasons.

This movie is fun, sweet, breathtaking and hilarious and I want to start this review with one of my favourite moments.

What was up with Kristoff’s solo song? It felt like it was straight from a 90s boyband and I died laughing watching it, it was absurd, weird and just didn’t fit the movie at all but I loved it. And that’s the moment I realised the creators of this movie had fun with it. They could’ve gone seriously serious and made no weird moments and had it similar to the first where everything made sense but this moment was so out of left field it really showed they had thought ‘eh they’ll love it anyway, let’s have a bit of fun!’.

And that’s why I loved this movie, it was serious when it needed to be serious but it was also hilarious and so meta and so weird and it really kept me wanting to know what will happen next.

But that doesn’t mean I loved all of it…

Anna’s character I despised for most of it. I don’t understand why she was so on edge all the time especially with Kristoff. I understand her sister nearly froze to death in the last movie so of course she will be protective of her, but twisting everything Kristoff was saying just felt annoying. All it was used for was to elongate the proposal as long as they could and by god did it get frustrating after the first few times of it happening! This was one area of the movie I really didn’t enjoy.

But the cherry on top of this nearly perfect cake? Show Yourself! Now I know most people adore Into The Unknown but the scene of Show Yourself literally had me clapping at the end. Even listening to it now gives me goosebumps in the first ten seconds. It’s utterly incredible, perfect, and the whole scene is so gorgeous and breathtaking.

This is the Disney I love, the Disney that doesn’t take itself too seriously and puts all its love and care into a movie. A Disney that reminds you just how magical they are and takes you right back to your childhood and that feeling of giddy excitement all over again.

Frozen was a wonderful film but Frozen 2 knocks it out of the park and it’s definitely a movie I will watch again and again.

What did you think?

Until next time.

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