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The Princess Diaries Review

One of my favourite movies as a kid…and I can see why!

The Princess Diaries follows Mia, an outcast at her school who finds out she has royal heritage. Mia then transforms from a normal teenage outcast to a girl with a lot of popularity and a lot of fake people trying to get their five minutes of fame. She has to balance school, the popularity, and her princess duties while also making sure she doesn’t lose her real friends along the way.

What I love about this movie is yes Mia goes through a huge makeover and of course changes to fit her royalty but is still herself deep inside. She still has that same flare she had at the start and I’m glad she’s able to work through her problems and doesn’t lose her head along the way.

I think this movie is a great one for teenagers to watch because it reminds you to stay true to yourself, and, as my favourite line says:

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent


This is one line I love because it’s so true and it’s hard to remember that sometimes, so to be reminded is nothing but a good thing. This movie has a lot of good morals to it including fake friends, crushes, not judging books by their covers, and always being there for the people who have always been there for you. I truly do love this movie and definitely recommend everyone to watch it.

And of course, Fat Louie is definitely my favourite character!

What do you think?

Until next time.


  1. This was also one of my favourite films when I was young! My partner had never seen it and even now getting him to watch it as an adult he still enjoyed it – great film. 🙂


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