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Child’s Play 2019 Review

I was really concerned about this movie as I loved the original, but surprisingly, I really enjoyed it!

This movie, in all honesty, isn’t too different from the original except this time instead of the doll being possessed by a criminal it is all down to AI.

AI is a thing people always seem to fear, yet those same people also have an Alexa in every room of their home. Logic! Well, in this movie, the fear of AI comes alive when Chucky starts to learn new things no autonomous robot should learn, including how to stab and how it seems stabbing makes his owner happy.

I won’t lie, I loved this aspect of the movie, the idea that a robot has no understanding of anything so what it sees and how people respond to that is really how it gets messed up the way it does. Chucky sees his owner watching a horror movie where a character gets stabbed but the child shows delight in this happening so Chucky perceives this as good. It’s very interesting and made me think about how children are raised and how they see their family members and the people around them react to stuff can shape how they view things too.

But at the end of the day, and the thing that’s always going to be the downfall of this movie, is that Chucky is still just a doll. He’s barely two feet tall and yet these grown human beings seem to be overpowered easily by this thing. I can never get on board with this because it’d be so easy to throw him off your roof or smash with a hammer. I did enjoy the inclusion of the AI of other toys and electronic items also coming ‘alive’ and going after the humans as it gave Chucky a bit more of an army to fight with. But at the end of the day he is still a toy and toys can easily be overpowered and this is something I can’t see past.

I would definitely watch this movie again as I think it’s very clever and I would want to show other people that but it’s not one I’d jump to watch again on my own.

What did you think of the remake?

Until next time.

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