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RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race Review

While this is a perfectly fine idea, what is up with there being so much Drag Race?!

Before All Stars 5 and Canadian Drag Race there came Secret Celebrity where ‘celebrities’ and yes I do use that term very loosely compete in drag race to win money for their chosen charity. I mean, it was perfectly fine but nothing too exciting.

Now, with the ‘secret celebrity’ part, the secret was no one knew who these people were! You could tell it was a Netflix made series as most of the contestants seemed to be contractually tied to Netflix in other shows.

Now it was cool to see the old queens come back to be mentors and it was funny in some ways seeing these butch straight men, and women on other episodes, try to do drag but really it felt like filler. And with Drag Race we do not need filler! There’s barely any breathing time between each season of Drag Race and then the spin offs of All Stars and UK and now Canada it all seems too much.

If I’m being honest I haven’t even started watching the Canadian show as I just don’t have the time and I don’t know, I’m getting a bit sick of it all. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and even the returning judges seem to be losing their sparkle. We need a break from Drag Race…and soon, otherwise we’re all going to burn out and it’ll become boring and lazy when before it was funny and had some truly memorable moments.

I love Drag Race, I do, but this is definitely one series you can skip.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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