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The Addams Family 2019 Review

This just felt like I was watching the old 90s live action films again….but this was much worse!

The Addams Family move into a house near a town that has been specifically made by a TV makeover host who is very pink and very over the top and very ‘the higher the hair the closer to God’…basically everything the Addams family are not. She, of course, takes issue with the Addams family’s home and is also worried about her grand opening being ruined by their relatives who are coming because Pugsley is going to become a man!

This movie was pretty forgettable, it tried to have its ‘relatable’ moments, like Wednesday going through her teenage phase and Morticia still trying to connect with her but of course it’s not the same. And Pugsley trying to learn the family’s traditions but with a lot of failure and Gomez worrying over whether his son will show him up or not at the party. Honestly it just didn’t feel Addams Family enough for me.

A lot of the jokes were low hanging and easy to make and a lot of it was ‘hey guys look how weird we are to your traditional ways of living!’ but it just didn’t land for me. I grew up with the live action movies and they were iconic! They were funny, smart, and great for all ages whereas this movie really felt like it was made for kids and teenagers and the adults were forgotten about.

If I recommended any Addams Family movie it would not be this one but the live action 90s films as they are still hilarious and hold up today. The acting is great, the storyline is engaging and even though it was made decades ago it doesn’t feel old or stale.

This movie is not one I would rush to watch again.

What did you think?

Until next time.

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