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The Titan Games Review

Come on now, who doesn’t love The Rock?

The Titan Games follows ordinary people who live extraordinary lives trying to keep up with their everyday work etc. and keeping fit all at the same time. It challenges these people with exercises that push your body and mind and shows how amazing people can be when they put their mind to something.

I loved this show! It was addicting to watch. From all the different challenges they face to hearing their backstories and who they are and where they came from and all the support they have from family members and friends it was so motivational and sweet. I won’t lie, I definitely shed a tear watching this.

This show was fantastic at keeping me entertained but also giving me the motivation to push harder an do better for myself and my health. I don’t just mean in the fitness sense but also the mental health sense and making sure I am doing what is right for me at all times and isn’t causing me unneeded stress or sadness in my life.

This show is brilliant and I definitely recommend it. You want to constantly watch to see what the next challenge is or to see who will win and of course The Rock makes it funny as well. This is one series I truly enjoy.

What do you think of The Titan Games?

Until next time.

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