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Fit to Fat and Back Review

This was a documentary I found on YouTube and found very interesting. Definitely a new way to look at and tackle obesity and getting fit.

Fit to Fat and Back follows a personal trainer who has been fit for most of his life. He trains overweight people who wish to be fitter and healthier but does not understand what that is like. Now, mindset is a huge thing when it comes to health and weightless and if you are not in the right headspace nothing you do will work as you just won’t be ready for that change yet.

So this trainer gains weight. He goes from around 80kg to around 120kg to really understand the process and mentality his clients go through to lose weight. But herein lies the first issue. He already has the mindset of someone who wants to be healthy. He understands the health issues that come with being overweight and so of course he won’t want to stay heavy. Yes he falls at the first few hurdles but soon enough, within his year time frame, he is able to get himself back on track and head back to the lean physique he started with.

And this is when we meet his sister, a woman who seems to want to lose weight and be healthier but doesn’t have the right mindset to commit to something so different. She blames him and uses excuses, and in some ways I do agree with her, this man is quite overbearing and pushy but that can work for some. She showed me the side I’ve seen in a lot of people, a group where they can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk and all you can do is hope she’ll get to a point one day in her life where she’s ready to take this journey.

This is an old but good documentary that does open your eyes to weight and weight loss and what it means to start being fitter and more active. Yes it’s a physical change but also a mental one too where, if you’re not willing to go all out to do it, you will probably fail. It’s a sad but true reality and I do hope more people are able to get into a headspace where they can see fitness and losing weight as a positive and not something that they should do but rather something they want to do.

What do you think?

Until next time.


  1. I agree with this, there is a certain mindset you need to be in to lose weight. You have to develop completely different habits. When I think about how hard it is to break just one habit (like biting my nails), I realise the difficulty, but weight loss requires you to break and make many habits at once. Great post x


    • Thank you! Yes I completely agree. Weight loss is a whole new world for some people and you have to be so strong to keep it up, especially when your body is still craving the stuff you used to eat.


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