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Floor Is Lava Review

Everyone’s childhood dream has come true…but is it really that good?

The Floor Is Lava is a competition gameshow where contestants in teams have to cross a room not touching the floor because, you guessed it, the floor is lava! If they either get the most people across the room or have the quickest time they win $10,000 and a lava lamp (how 80s)!

Now, I love the concept of this show, you’d expect it to be super fun and exciting, but sadly this isn’t really the case. This show goes on for a number of episodes and there aren’t enough courses for the number of episodes they have. So they split it up into level 1 and level 2. Level 1 is what everyone starts on, of course, so level 2 you’d assume the people that maybe didn’t win from level 1 may get another go…but no. New people come in having never tried the level 1 course and now they’re having to cross a course that is harder than the people before them. To me that made no sense and it’d be better if they either had more courses or had people return to try again on a harder course to see if they can do it this time around.

I feel this show could’ve been bigger, better, and more exciting and tense. It had some exciting moments of course but after a couple of episodes you’ve kind of seen everything it has to offer. I’d want more traps, bigger jumps, harder courses that made sense with the room they’re in – who owns a spinning bed? – and more payoff! This has a lot of potential but right now I don’t think it’s executed well enough to be enjoyable to watch from episode 1 to the finale.

Maybe I’m being cynical but with such great competition shows out there like The Titan Games I just expect more, especially as I’m sure these shows being from Netflix have budgets bigger than blockbuster movies.

What do you think? Am I being too harsh?

Until next time.

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