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Lady and the Tramp (2019) Review

So I was very apprehensive watching this movie, but I will admit, it did make me cry.

Lady and the Tramp, the original, is a magical movie with very fun characters that have so much charm and charisma. And as I feel with any of these remakes I worry that these elements could be lost. But my mind was completely changed watching this movie!

While I wasn’t sure about all of the elements and did miss some of the more iconic moments like the paw prints in the wet cement, and the dinner scene making a lot less sense in a realistic setting, this movie had a lot going for it. I found it hard to distinguish between what was real and what was CGI, I felt Lady and Tramp both had great characters that were relatable and made me love dogs so much more and the rat was utterly horrific! Some moments even felt worse watching it with realistic characters than the animated version i.e the pound scene as it reminded you that these horrible things do happen to these animals.

I will admit though, the one part I didn’t like, the Siamese cats. I just wasn’t on board with them in this version, in the original they felt so creepy and sulky and very frustrating to watch whereas in this version they almost felt dumb and just ‘there’. I missed the original version of their song a lot, especially as the song with the meatballs was so perfect in both this version and the original, and they just didn’t do it for me. Now I love cats but these just didn’t add anything for me and I much preferred the originals.

But, as it goes with remakes of classic Disney, this was one I did overall enjoy and would watch again. Both hold up and are fabulous movies so I do kind of like the fact I have a choice between animated or real life depending on what I’d rather watch. Maybe there’s hope yet!

What did you think?

Until next time.

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