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Slender Man Review

I was so excited for this movie, and I’m not putting it lightly when I say it’s the worst film I’ve seen in recent months.

Now we all know the Slenderman lore, the creepy pasta photoshop, the games, the cosplay, the everything! This is an infamous horror villain, much like Jason and Freddy, so how could this movie do him so dirty?!

The movie follows a group of very bad actresses who learn of the Slenderman story online and soon end up being engulfed by him and his need to steal children. And that’s all I want to say about the plot, it was weak, uneventful and the scares were so stupid.

Now I grew up with Pewdiepie playing the Slenderman games so that’s my reference point, and what I loved about Slenderman was the way he was so still. Much like granny’s footsteps, the game I used to play loads as a kid, the fear of when they were going to move or where they could be next was the scariest part! This movie didn’t use that at all! At all times Slender had his extra octopus arms out and was constantly moving, make him still! Make him ominous and creepy and hide him in the back of scenes and photographs! It’s really not that hard to make Slender scary yet this movie didn’t do that!

I would definitely not recommend this movie and even I can think of ways to make it 10x better by just understanding the lore and where he come from. You want a good Slender series? Search Marble Hornets on YouTube and thank me later.

What did you think?

Until next time.

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