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Gone Girl Review

A few years back I tried to read the book and just couldn’t get into it, saw the movie on Netflix and thought I’d give it a go. I won’t lie, I was blown away!

I honestly don’t want to give this movie away as it was such a rollercoaster of emotions but there are bits I can talk about. Mainly how slow this movie is to begin with. Now the movie is over 2 hours long and it does feel like it. While it does throw you right into the action at the start with the disappearance and the immediate suspicion of the husband it does take a while to really amp up and tell you the real truth behind what is going on.

My issue is, a lot of people see this as a feminist movie, a movie all about girl power and women finally treating men the way they’ve been treated throughout history. But I won’t lie, this seems a bit much to me. What happens in this movie is incredibly toxic and scary and way over the top and anyone who thinks this is good I fear a little. If they believe the actions of certain characters is excusable and allowed then that’s not right.

I get having a love go sour and feeling used and abused is horrific but that does not mean you stoop to that person’s level. And this is why I have some issues with the ending too as it seems everything that was done throughout the movie was for nothing. I almost want to be able to see into the future of these characters to see what really happens to them because the way it ended I can’t imagine life would ever be the same again or would even be ok.

Now I won’t lie from a movie stand point it’s great. It unravels slowly so you want to always be watching and seeing what happens next, the actors are great, the whole idea is wonderful but yeah. I feel some people have turned it into a thing that it is not, it is not a story to praise or see as good. It is a story that is riddled with toxic relationships and almost a warning to show how far people will go for revenge and also for control.

While I loved this movie I do feel the internet’s view on it is very concerning.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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