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All Stars 5 Review

Was this the best season of All Stars ever?!

Now I had one issue with this season…I didn’t want to see any of the queens go home! This season truly felt like All Stars to me because I absolutely loved every single queen that was included.

I also loved how they changed up the rules and the way things played out. Having a lip sync assassin come back to lip sync against the winner of that week was so intense (even if some of them clearly threw away the win for the other queen), how the money rolled over giving the queens even more inspiration to win, and the democracy that the queens have a vote on who could go home was heart racing!

As I’ve said in reviews previously, I do feel Drag Race is becoming quite saturated and a bit much. While I enjoyed this season and loved every second watching this meant I didn’t watch Drag Race Canada that was happening at the same time just because there’s too much to keep up with! I love Drag Race and I love seeing all the queens and all their amazing talents and seeing them blossom and grow but sometimes it is too much and I definitely feel we need a break.

But, regardless of ny thoughts and feelings, Shea definitely deserved the win! She bought so many iconic looks and talents to this season and while I love Jujebee and would have loved to see her win I think the right person won.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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